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“Tinder’s a great platform, a great product — I hope it continues to be successful,” says Wolfe, who last year settled a sex-harassment suit, reportedly for $1 million, against Tinder and its parent IAC/Inter Active Corp after being ousted from the company.“This is not some revenge against any other platform,” said the 26-year-old CEO, who as part of her harassment case had published provocative texts from Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen.

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“I personally can tell you that all my girlfriends — and many women I’ve spoken to — have this fear of being perceived as desperate or forward when they want to approach a man,” Wolfe said.

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Bumble, which also uses Tinder’s swipe feature to browse profiles, is rather “a means to emulate real life,” in which people can’t hide behind user names to spam or harass others, Wolfe says.

Likewise, the women-first messaging rule seeks to address a backward social convention that Wolfe believes has only gotten worse with the advent of online dating and texting.

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