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It even gives the second pairing a good amount of time to develop.But most importantly, THERE WERE NO WASTED EPISODES!

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I have probably watched 50 different kdramas and movies since I lived in Korea a few years ago and I was late to this because of the hype.

I also got a kick out of the Dr Song Nurse Ha story. The reason why i watch this drama is the meaning is so deep, full of humanity things that people should know nowadays.

I loved that there was no chaebol-poor damsel story, FINALLY! We consider to give a try cause they said this drama was the best ever.. There will always be people who hate this drama and hate that drama. For those who hate DOTS, well just to let you know in a little secret....drama which you love before, well some people hate. I think KES writernim want to bring this common humanity issues but cover it in a melodrama story so that people want to watch it.

You have this girl, and she's facing some sort of issue, and then she meets this boy who's richer than her or more good looking than her, then they fall in love in the dumbest way possible along with a love triangle that happens, and a very poor storyline. A story about loving someone in a time where death and accidents are occurring, while questioning if this person is someone who you can rely on for the rest of your life because of the secrets they keep away from you (especially with what has been going on around them).

A story about fighting for the same cause, but using different methods that goes against each other. A story about choosing who to kill and choosing who to save.

The intensity was spot on for those action scenes and dramatic scenes were also well done.

The finale Was way mushy but the unexpected ending had me lol again.My husband is one to make jokes during serious times too so we related to the leads for that too.Lol and we Did fall in love and date right away 27 years ago but we aren't Korean so I know that was also different.When Shi-Jin and Mo-Yeon meet again, they talk about their views on life and realise how different they are. this is one ofy fav drama..first when i watched ep1 i didn't like it..i thought it is also like typical love- story. They made his character so important that they forgot to explain why he choose to be a Volunteer Doctor, Also the back story of Agus/Argus aren't you also curious what made him go over to the dark side? So far, it is not because it focuses on the military that I am not enjoying it too much, but because of the cheesiness of it.Shi-Jin, as a soldier, kills to protect lives and Mo-Yeon, as a doctor, tries to save all lives. Eight months later, Mo-Yeon rebuffs the sexual advances of hospital chairman Suk-Won (Tae In-Ho) and as retribution is assigned to lead a medical team in Uruk. The leads are two mature adults, I understand, but when the first episode is ending with them literally having just met and an OST in the background going 'I love youu...' the relationship is hard to take seriously.Overall, just loved the action, adventure, intensity, humor,different kind of love story Most of us who watch this late would feel this drama is so overrated. So it's reasonable to you guys for not enjoying it. The concept and storyline is beyond imagination, not the typical romantic comedy just like The Heirs.

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