2 year anniversary dating ideas

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2 year anniversary dating ideas

And mostly, I have just loved, loved every time Danny has reminded me with a big smile that our anniversary has been coming up.He’s been reminiscing about our love story all week. I finally just had it so good that I felt like I had to do something to give back.

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Though it feels as though we’ve been together forever.

A seat near the open kitchen would be fun.” –Kelsey Nixon 7.

“Back when we were young and wild and free, we kayaked on the Hudson River.

Along these lines, be sure to consult our I'm Sorry Table if you forgot your anniversary or were late in remembering it.

A trendy watch or thoughtful jewelry (keep it simple, nothing too expensive or sentimental), dinner at upscale restaurant, or a fancy home cooked meal.

If you can’t book a reservation through open table, just call directly.

They’re still in their “soft open” stage, but it is SO good and the atmosphere is really stellar as well.

(Although I heard they may have raised the price.) Also they recently opened their sister restaurant Dover at that cursed corner location on Court St. (where the Magic Fountain and then that nasty burger place used to be.) Haven’t been yet but it’s on my list.” –Linsey Laidlaw 4.

“LISTEN did you know you can get student rush tickets to Of Mice and Men with none other than the beloved (? They’re only and are sold when the box office opens.

The Loeb Boathouse is obviously beautiful and scenic and then you could take a boat out. The line was long but moved really fast.) Also there are TURTLES that swim right close to you so you can dip into the water and grab them.

(Warning: you will instantly regret this because actually inner city turtles are disgusting).” -Suzie Cook 2.

“A trapeze class at Hudson River Park (near Chelsea Piers).

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