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If you have an 18 DEX ( 4), then only 3 is used, the rest is wasted. From there you can offer your assistance in finishing the job.

Note, however, that you still get your DEX for attack rolls (ranged and finesse only) and for Reflex saves. However, Critical Hit chances can be changed, both by items and feats. (100 XP) Now, even if you LIE to him about taking him to Grenn, if you lead him out of the apartment, you've actually just started walking the Light path.If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add please email me! Jedi Sentinel makes for a good solid choice, good offense, lots of skills and lots of feats and average power selection. Now you just have to beat her three consecutive times while betting 40 credits to win her Double Card. Now, you can either race normally, by hitting the speed ups and avoiding the obstacles, or you can cheat.I will, of course, give you full credit for your addition, and be eternally grateful to you. Jedi Guardian gets more vitality, but less skills and one more feat, while Jedi Consulars get only Force Powers in any great amount. Male/Female: In many games, this is largely an aesthetic choice. The only annoying thing is that you can't use (A) to skip her boring dialogue. The deck I used here was: /-1, /-3, /-4, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, -4 Not the best deck in the world, but it'll do for now. Try to get a value of 20 on your side, either through dealt cards, or as a combination of dealt cards and a card from your hand. Note: Although she claims to retire once you beat her and take her card, you can play her again any time you want by "Asking some questions." This resets her to the "I'm only here to game" mode and allows you to play again. Also, to get the Double card you must win 3 consecutive games, so no exiting conversation to save it. Simply aim for any obstacle in the first seconds of the race (those purple floaty things work, or wait until the short wall later), now pause with the WHITE button the instant before you hit the obstacle, and press (A) to "forfeit." The game will unpause for a second, and you crash. : IBYSP: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rule #1: Save often. Rule #2: Never save over the first save when you get to a new planet. (Only possible if you change the Droid protocols) Leave them alone! If you destroy the first utility droid there without getting the Shutdown code, you will make your game unwinnable. Feats: Gearhead, Improved Gearhead, Conditioning, Shield Breaker* . (this appears for her whenever you kill innocents) Kreia....................................................................... SIDEQUEST: New Fuel Source This one gets "solved" out at Nar Shaddaa, although you never really complete it. Whatever you do, the only option that works is [Persuade], and if you fail Kreia bails you out. Tell him it's Batu Rem to get the information that he came from Nar Shaddaa (no, this isn't followed up on that planet). Warning #1: Under no circumstances do you destroy the Console outside the Bumani Exchange Corp. Warning #2: Under no circumstances do you destroy ANY Utility Droids on Goto's Yacht. Generally she doesn't like you killing bystanders like this. so, you actually came out ahead from getting jailed. When you're done with all the sidequests below, look below for the walkthrough to the Ithorian/Czerka quests. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..:: Table of Contents ::.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i. The basic economic unit of the RPG is these bad boys, not "credits." LSP - Light Side Point. In my conversatin trees, I use INF to note gains in Influence, and -INF- to note losses in Influence. Basically a number you have to reach to do something. First, talk to the Czerka officer standing by the door at dock 3, area 126. She tells you that he spent a lot of time with the Ithorians. If it's your first time here, hit the Information Terminal to get the map, and so you can easily come back here later. You can tell the receptionist that you're here to see Chodo Habat (whether you're working for the Ithorians or Czerka doesn't matter, besides we are actually here to talk to Chodo).

............................................................................. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================== What's New in 1.0: ================== For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end of the FAQ. : FNLWD: Quick Navigation:....................................................... Quick Definitions: Kot OR2 - this game STR - Strength DEX - Dexterity CON - Constitution INT - Intelligence WIS - Wisdom CHA - Charisma XP - Experience Point. It has two effects, first, there alignment gets closer to yours; and second, they will reveal more information about themselves and even give you bonuses. SIDEQUEST: TSF Bounty, Batono has Vanished Batono worked for Czerka, but was snitching to the TSF, so that might make Czerka a good place to start. (50 XP) Next go see Lorso in the Czerka offices and ask about Batono. Exit Czerka and turn left, straight ahead to the Residential West.

Creating your Exile : FNBGS: Final Words ...................................... So, regardless, the game should stay challenging enough no matter which way you go. If you didn't get this quest, they are replaced with 3 generic mercenaries. Once you get your ship back, return to Telos - Citadel station for 200 credits. The first two options will get him to reveal that Batono is an employee, but that's it, unless you want the DSP, in which case you threaten to hurt him.

Bear in mind that the difficulty of the fights (from numbers of opponents, to Vitality levels of Bosses) is determined by your level. You'll find these guys on the surface, just past the first group of mercenaries. (DSP) You can tell me what you know, or I can hurt you, and then you will tell me what you know.

Note: There is one more companion option like this, but unlike this one, you can affect who you get after you start. And obviously, once in jail, you can't buy anything from Samhan again, and you never get access to his "special" shop.

You get Mira if you are Light/Neutral and Hanharr if you are Dark Side. Although you do get a discount from his lousy brother's lousy store.

This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you . Max Dex Bonus - in armor, how much of your Dex bonus will stack with the armor. (500 credits, 200 XP for his payment, plus XP for finding him) If you take the Light way, you just have to convince him (which is pretty easy) and he automatically comes with you.

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