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and a workaround by setting "_optim_peek_user_binds"=false. This has been reported in unpublished bug:8625762 ORA-3137 [12333] due to bind data not read from wire, in which case ORA-3137 [12333] can occur intermittently for SQL which uses user binds due to bind data being left unread on the Net connection.The bug suggests the workaround of setting "_optim_peek_user_binds"=false to avoid this problem (workaround to be used with caution as it can affect execution plans chosen by CBO), and also provides the fix by the application of Patch:8625762" MOSC References: - ORA-600 [12333] / ORA-03137 [12333] Troubleshooting [ID 828123.1] - NOTE:752297.1 - ORA-03137: TTC Protocol Internal Error : [12333] Using JDBC Driver- NOTE:35928.1 - ORA-600 [12333] "Fatal Two-Task Protocol Violation" - ORA-7445 [kxs Open ACursor() 1087] & ORA-03137 [12209] Errors [MOSC ID 1325759.1] - MOSC patch 9703463 for ORA-03137.

When codes for combining signs are inputted, they are placed on the adjacent letter.

If an application supports the Unicode Hex input Keyboard, then use Option plus the hexadecimal number.

Answer: The oerr utility shows this for the ORA-03137 error: ORA-03137 TTC protocol internal error: [%s] [%s] [%s] [%s] [%s] [%s] [%s] [%s]"Cause: TTC protocol internal error.

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In the core of M82, the active starburst region spans a diameter of 500 pc.

Four high surface brightness regions or clumps (designated A, C, D, and E) are detectable in this region at visible wavelengths.

Visible aspects of the galaxy were taken by the HST.

Spitzer photographed it in infrared, which shows dust emission, and Chandra photographed it in X-ray (showing mostly synchrotron emissions from fast electrons). M82 was previously believed to be an irregular galaxy.

Action: Contact Oracle Support As we see, there is an associated trace file and this file will have more information on the ORA-03137 error. This is an internal error and you need to open a SR on MOSC.

In 11g, there is fix by upgrading to Oracle Solarwinds notes this on the ORA-03137 "Although upgrading to database version has been confirmed to have solved this issue in a high number of cases, error ORA-03137 [12333] accompanied by Protocol Violation messages may still occur intermittently in database versions prior to 11.2, including database and

- Bug #7445550 related to JDBC connections to the database.