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Unit Name('raid'..i).." ";end;end;end;print(nf); /run nf="[Flask! ]: ";for i=1, Get Num Group Members()do for b=1,41 do ufl=Unit Aura('raid'..i,b);if ufl then if strfind(ufl,"Flask")or strfind(ufl,"Distilled")then break;end;elseif b==41 then nf=nf.. Maybe not the most "useful" macro, but a fun one :) Use this to discover your target's gender.

If you set the name of the macro to a blank space, you can't even tell it's a macro.

", "channel", nil, "2") Close Trade Skill()#showtooltip /cast [nomod] Fishing /equip [noequipped: Fishing Poles, mod] Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 /equip [equipped: Fishing Poles, mod] Titansteel Guardian /equip [equipped: Fishing Poles, mod] Matriarch's Spawn /equipset [noequipped: Fishing Pole, mod] Fishing; [noequipped: Fishing Pole, nomod, spec:1] [mod, spec:1] Set1; [noequipped: Fishing Pole, nomod, spec:2] [mod, spec:2] Set2 /use [equipped: Fishing Pole, nomod] Fishing If your fishing set is equipped, click will cast Fishing, mod-click will equip the set fitting your current spec.

Otherwise, mod-click will equip your fishing set, normal click will equip the spec-relevant set.

Smart, strong and secure, the PD42 printer (with full graphic display interface) and PD41 printer (with one-button interface) are optimized for medium-duty labeling workflows.

Their multiple communication interfaces, secure wireless connectivity, CCX and Wi-Fi certification, and support for IPv6 ensure easy integration and scalability.

So here is my solution: The overall effect is the same, but my macro checks to see what you sound currently is set to (enabled or disabled), disables it for the error, and then sets it back where you had it.

(ex: if your sound was already off, it will prevent the text error without turning your sound on at the end) This is just like the one above but with an added tooltip that matches the original skill, and doesn't disable sound for the skill's error messages./console Sound_Enable SFX 0 /run UIErrors Frame: Unregister Event("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE") /cast [nochanneling: Arcane Missiles] Arcane Missiles /run UIErrors Frame: Register Event("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE") /console Sound_Enable SFX 1 For people that macro cd's into normal spells, such as petattacks, trinkets, everlasting potions, etc.it gets annoying being spammed with "This ability is not ready" and that fun error sound.]: ";for i=1, Get Num Group Members()do for b=1,40 do ua=Unit Aura('raid'..i,b);if ua=="Well Fed"or ua=="Food"then break;elseif b==40 and ua~="Well Fed"then nfb=nfb..Unit Name('raid'..i).." ";end;end;end;print(nfb); /run nfb="[Eat! ]: ";for i=1, Get Num Group Members()do for b=1,40 do ua=Unit Aura('raid'..i,b);if ua=="Well Fed"or ua=="Food"then break;elseif b==40 and ua~="Well Fed"then nfb=nfb..Alternate version for toons with just one spec or equipment set: /equipset [noequipped: Fishing Poles, nomod] Fishing /cast [equipped: Fishing Poles, nomod] Fishing /use [mod:shift] Bright Baubles /use [mod:shift] 16 /equipset [mod:alt] Normal /equipset [mod:ctrl] DPS (replace "First Aid" and "Linen Bandage" with the craft and item you want, and 100 with the number you want; use a large number for "as many as possible") Reload your UI, send a message to your party/raid telling them you're doing so and set an appropriate /afk message.

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