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If you could get back to me with some info thank you ! I don t know what year and I don t know where to find the serial #. I live in eastern North Carolina and I don t know where to find parts for the hydraulics. I like a few have found this cable hard to find at best. well burn off both ends with a torch careful not to burn off cable.I went to a tractor store for an O ring the guys there said they had never heard of a Ford Super Major backhoe but they assured me that the O ring I got would seal. fit both ends in a vice and begin to braze with very low heat I mean real low dont rush work brass into 3/8 inch of the cable on both sides of junction. after you have admired your worst braze job get your file a beverage and some working music.

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I may have put 150 hrs since then It will be for sale when completed.great for a collector 850-324-0934I WANT TO PUT A 53 MERC FLAT HEAD 8CYL INTO A 52 8N FORD.

I would like to sell this tractor for 4 K or interesting trade.

Located in S E Colorado call 719-469- one 5 two 8I have and old Fordson Major Diesel tractor for sale.

06/12/2012 THANKS MONTYI am having trouble trying to find when my Ford Industrial Engine was manufactured it is for my ford tractor the serial number is 3184-c11cs it is made in the USA and the type is 4-28 if anyone knows please let me know I have searched the internet without any luck finding it.

Ilive in dublin ga, Ihave a dexta or super dexta the numbers next to the clutch were the tractor bolts together are 957e79082 the other numbers are k278, next to the head bolt on the numbers are 1419719 and the other numbers are 60280098f and the other number are 2ckn1372 please help me identify what month and day and year thanks ps my dad worked on fordson tractors for over 30 years but did not teach me and my brother about mechanics workdoes anyone know of a front loader that fit s well or with not major modifications will fit my dexta.

It had everything you could want, Power stearing heaver brakes, everything but a 3 point hitch.

Minneapolis Moline changed models that next year and introduced the 335 445 which was an all new tractor with an all new Hydralic system with a draft sinceing 3 point hitch, made by Cesna aircraft.Both of the new tractors had a different feel, like driving a Ford tractor.I rember that their was a change of ownership,or management at this time in the Company. I was 10 when the new models came out I rember the company gave away motor bikes and sewing machines with a new tractor.hello i just bought what i think is a 1953 Fordson Major deisel tractor but i cant find the serial # on it and it has an aftermarket loader that i am trying to find seals for. will be greatly appreciated.cable fix on this tractor for select o shift..It would make a excellent tractor to restore or a parts tractor. Email if anyone out there help me i would love to find if the fordson major my grandad bought new just after the second world war still exists,my late father sold it in 1974 in the farm sale when he retired,i belive this tractor was restored for shows some years ago the registration was GAA 822 i look at my dad on a photo driving that tractor which is on the wall in my home,any info would be fantastic,thanks again.i have a ford 4000 mid sixtys i think selectospeed had work done on tractor and ran fine for a while now when inching pedal is released it will not go in gear but will go in and out of gear when move pedal in and out several times any help would be appreciated thanks paul I was recently given a ford 871 w/sos trans. but i need to know how to get it in to neutral without it running so i can pull it onto my trailer if i cant get it running.please help I JUST PURCHASED A FORDSON SUPER MAJOR I THINK. IT WILL NOT START I HAVE DONE ALL THE CLEANING OF THE FUEL LINE , REPLACE THE INJECTOR NOZZLES, CHECKED THE TIMING SEEMS TO BE RIGHT ON, SEEMS TO HAVE FUEL TO THE INJECTORS, I EVEN PUT AN ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP ON IT STILL WILL NOT START, IT HAS A FRONT END LOADER AND A BACKHOE ATTACHMENT ON IT, NEED HELP ANY IDEAS , I KNOW IT AN OLD ONE BUT IT LOOK LIKE IT HAS A LOT MORE WORK IN IT.I would appreciate any information anyone might have.

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