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Cantemir composed this history in Latin during the years 1714-1716, while in exile as an advisor to Peter the Great.

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In 1962, LC received 27 daily newspapers from 16 cities.In addition the reading room makes available for onsite use numerous bibliographic databases of periodical literature, many of which contain citations or texts pertaining to Romania.The professional multilingual staff makes the European Reading Room a natural starting place for research on Romania.The vast majority of these works are in the Romanian language, with approximately ten percent in English.There are also large numbers of pertinent monographs in German, French, Hungarian, Russian and Italian, with many other languages represented as well. If we include multi-volume sets, annuals and bound periodicals, the Library is in possession of nearly 75,000 volumes. More than 3,000 earlier titles are present, with a few dating back to the seventeenth century.Thomas Jefferson's personal library of 6,500 volumes, acquired by the U. Congress in 1815, included a monumental work by Moldovan prince Dimitrie Cantemir - Histoire de l'Empire Othoman... That copy was among the many volumes from the original Jefferson Collection which were destroyed in a calamitous fire in the Capitol on Christmas eve, 1851.

Subsequently the Library replaced the title and obtained a copy of the English version, The History of the Growth and Decay of the Othman [sic] Empire (London, 1734).

In the early 1990s LC made further reductions in the number of current foreign newspapers due to the high cost of microfilming them for long-term preservation.

Efforts are being made to again obtain microfilm for regional and ethnic newspapers from Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara and Târgu-Mures. The best coverage is of post-World War II events, but numerous works pertain to earlier periods, such as the Greek and Roman eras, the times of Stephen the Great and Michael the Brave, the Revolution of 1848, the union of Moldavia and Wallachia, and World War I and its aftermath.

Music, maps, photographs and other formats are also well represented.

The European Reading Room's reference collection includes approximately 350 volumes pertaining to Romania, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, histories, biographical directories, bibliographies and other reference sources.

During the 1970s-80s the number was reduced to about 20 newspapers from 11 cities.