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“About 20 minutes later, she’s like, actually, can you help me buy some i Phones? He handed off the devices once he got Venmo’s payment notifications, then later attempted to withdraw the funds into his bank account. Like Kyle, Movassaghi and Kwan reached out to Venmo’s support team once they realized something was off.

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your only option is to contact your friends Eric and Cindy and arrange for a payment outside of Venmo.” Finally on Jan. You made an innocent mistake, and you paid for it.” In the six years since it was founded, Venmo has become a mobile empire, a dorm room brand, and even a verb by promising smooth, fast, and easy money transfers.But what’s streamlined and cool is also often insecure.Back in February, I wrote about Chris Grey, a 30-year-old Web developer in New York City who underwent the distinctly horrifying experience of having ,850 stolen through his Venmo account.Ata Movassaghi’s problems also began with basketball tickets.He and a friend had been advertising a pair of seats to two different Knicks games on Craigslist for a few days when they were contacted by two interested buyers, Eric and Cindy.But by the evening, the second payment, from Michael, still hadn’t come through. “And all of a sudden I get a little [Venmo] notification saying, ‘Your transaction has been reversed.’ ” Panicked, he fired off a message to Venmo’s customer support via email, then another via Twitter. withhold his last name because he works in technology and was embarrassed about being defrauded on the Internet, the problems appeared to start with that notification. As soon as he approved Michael’s request to buy the NBA tickets through Venmo, Kyle unwittingly stepped into a scam that has played out repeatedly on Venmo’s platform.

It’s a scheme that has stripped users like Kyle—four of whom spoke to me for this article—of hundreds or thousands of dollars, leaving them little recourse for recovering their funds or their goods.

He had only recently signed up for the mobile payments service, but his friends assured him that it was fast, easy, and reliable.

Over the phone, Michael asked to Venmo half the money that day and half the following.

Most importantly, they are exploiting the little-known fact that funds flickering onto our phone screens with a perky green plus sign and a couple emojis are not really ours as instantaneously as they may seem.

In short, these scammers are slipping into the gap between what Venmo has taught us to expect and the reality of what both the company and America’s underlying financial infrastructure are actually able to handle, and they’re blowing it wide open.

At the end of 2014, Pay Pal reported that Venmo had processed 6 million in payments in the fourth quarter and .4 billion for the full year.

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