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If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I've been browsing the site for a bit, coming from a Google search inspired by discussion of the Orlando shooting and aftermath. Regards, I read your website and can tell you from first hand experience how much I agree with you.You mention "Bible With Holes" by Dr Charles Taylor, but I'm not finding that as a book or website. My mom got involved in an IFB church when I was a child.

problem was he used military mind-control tatics he picked up as a green baret in vietnam. A few years prier to my enlisting in this institution, the son of the V. commited suiside because he was cought making out with a girl…!!! (not that i minded, i had done this before on my own.I can say though that I’m looking forward to leaving.Upon graduation, I will leave for Air Force Basic Training and become and Air Traffic Controller.Sadly he has also got my mom and sister attending now. I won't go into more detail here, but here are a couple of websites that explain what I've learned in much greater detail.I just last December found my faith and am a confirmed Episcopalian. Keep an open mind, and the truth will set you truly free...He eventually started attending West Coast Bible College and while there he got engaged to a cradle IFBer. When you preach against abortion, I’ll be stood here with your son. My own children who are teens now call me an apostate.

Eventually the pressure of their rules and standards coupled with the pressures from his fiancee's father to pursue a degree my brother didn't really want to do, he started using again and was turned in by his roommate. Let’s thank God for all our lives, & let’s thank God for forgiveness.” No-one feels the sorrow if they’re only getting caught. When you preach of sin & caution, God will block you when you run. Hi Steve, How come Independent Baptists don't lift their hands and praise the Lord? I'm "openly living in sin" because I'm not completely submitting to my husband and letting him continue to think for me, and also that I choose to 'pretend I have a mental illness' (mental illness doesn't exist, it's just unconfessed sin in your life, according to the church, and my husband, and of course, my children.) He will not divorce me, but he threatened yesterday to legally separate, which makes it ok with the church, and he won't be responsible for me financially anymore, and he can get rid of me. Steve, You've taken a lot of the right steps to free yourself from the tyranny and abuse of the IFB, but your journey is not complete.He relapsed again and now is back home struggling everyday. And if you could for me, would you bow them in the sand? Furthermore, I discovered that the god of Christianity is nothing but an evolution of the pagan gods of Isreal and Judea in the first century.Through all this the desertion of his church and girlfriend, the unforgiving nature of the theology he still stands up for the IFB way of church. Blame him, don’t blame God or me.” “Jeanny can’t join us in praise. There may be a creator, but Christianity, its god, and its bible are products of the superstitions and myths of the first century.Their church holds like 4 different separation doctrines and consider my faith to be apostate so my family is supposed to separate from me, luckily they don't .. Steve, Somehow I stumbled across your blog and decided to take a look, considering I was once a "Fundamental Baptist" as well.It just upsets me this is the first faith they tried and now they have all these twisted perceptions about how to be a Christian and have all sorts of misinformation about my faith. I was converted in an IFB church in 1978 at the age of 12 during the preaching of the Gospel, and lived a mostly disobedient life of worldliness until 2002 when the Lord ( actually using David Cloud's website ) caused me to see the truth of biblical separation for the child of God.My mom got involved in an IFB church when I was a child.