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On Tuesday morning, Mr Bowskill wrote: "Rest in peace my wonderful niece never thought I would ever be writing this but Leonne Weeks you was and still are loved by so many."I'll be there for your dad and mum all the way.

Leonne's mother Paula Oldfield, who previously captioned a Facebook photo of her three children "My world", was said to be too upset to talk to the press.

A young man in his 20's, who wished to remain anonymous and stood by the scene just off Lordens Hill, said he was "deeply shocked" at the death of his friend.

Speaking about the discovery, he said: "I used to be neighbours with her and know her really well - she's a good mate of mine is Leonne.

According to online tributes, Leonne had a younger brother called Levi and a younger sister called Millie.

Her mum Paula laid flowers at the scene this morning but did not say anything and hid her face as she stood close to the police cordon.

Officers were today investigating a property just streets away from where Leonne's body was found while cops confirmed her body is still at the crime scene.

Her family has today paid tribute to the "quiet girl" who "wouldn't hurt anybody" after South Yorkshire Police confirmed they were now pursuing a murder investigation.

"We don't know what's happened, all we know is she went to meet someone - meet a bloke [the man] - and now her body has been found." Adding: "She met him off the internet - one of those dating sites." Asked if he knew how Leonne had died, he added: "I don't know - all I know is the pathway is just a dead end and backs onto a few allotments down there." Senior investigating officer on the case Detective Chief Inspector Martin Tate said he could not confirm if Leonne had met a man on a date - but officers were looking into social media for clues.

Speaking at the scene this morning, the South Yorkshire DCI said: "Clearly, this is a murder inquiry.

"We are gathering as much evidence as we can and these things take time.

We have specialist investigators working to carry out this investigation methodically.

Another user said: “Thinking of you all at this sad time Paula Appley sweet dreams to your princess xx.” One card read: "To Leonne and family. Sleep tight, fly high angel." Another one of Leonne's friends, who was at the scene last night, said: "She was just absolutely sound, always up for a laugh.