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The scene where the rabbit and the young faun venture out on the ice during their first winter, slipping and sliding around, remains one of the happiest things you'll ever see, guaranteed to raise a smile even if you've just eaten venison before watching the movie and are feeling horrendously guilty.

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Dies gilt aber nur für den Fall, dass der Kunde nicht zugestimmt hat, diese Informationen weiterzugeben.

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Naeem managed a restaurant in midtown and later helped run a construction firm. We tried to be the guy you wanted to go out for a drink with. “I felt strongly that we should go, and not ask for the witnesses to come to Algiers. They told her that Cheibani had spoken freely about his crime, and that they had found parts of Bultemeier’s vehicle—a bumper, a luggage rack—in a search of his house. Ahmad arranged for the policemen to come to Brooklyn and appear before a federal grand jury, and in June, 2013, the jury returned a sealed indictment. He looked much older than his photos, like he’d led a hard life. The mosque I went to as a kid was in Queens, and it drew people from all over Brooklyn, Long Island, the Bronx—cabdrivers, truck drivers, regular working-class people. When I look at these Brooklyn juries, I see the people I grew up around.”Ahmad lives downtown, in an apartment that looks out on East Fourteenth Street. She’s an elegant woman, who had worked as a computer programmer at an insurance company in midtown for many years. It was dark, but it was like she was sunny—I can’t think of a better word for it.