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Many others are fond of it too, as well as the rest of her, which is why they pay around $35 per month to see from her nose to her toes and everything in between. It’s a bit weird to talk to your family about your job when it’s porn.But this is also Quebec, so maybe it’s not so surprising that Ariel’s mother still loves and accepts her daughter even though she has gone into porn. Mother even gives daughter advice and opinions on Ariel’s website, including the pictures Ariel produces, even the “action shots” with other performers.“She’s like, ‘I like that one better than that one,’” Ariel laughs. But it’s fun to see my family opening up and seeing what I’m doing and where I’m going.”Even if it’s not exactly a family affair, it’s not exactly a family scandal either. Nevertheless, she insists the legitimacy given to porn here is due to the “open” culture of sexuality in Quebec, to the widely accepted view that sex is natural, normal, and people should have fun while doing it.

Braincash sponsors a series of websites and pays other web masters that bring in traffic to them.

“I make a great living, just off my websites,” says Ariel, who also designs her sites and manages a few other female performers.

Her niche — “tease” — without hardcore sex with males, is popular, she says.

There are companies, both huge and small, and individuals, like Ariel, all surviving on porn, producing it, running its websites, creating the business and Internet infrastructure to make money from it.

In October last year, Canada’s first homegrown adult-oriented entertainment TV channel, Vanessa, whose logo is a pair of sultry, red lips, went on the air.

I’m there with what’s already happening.”Losique started making sexuality-based TV in 2001, with a show called She’s now a household name, if synonymous with sex. “I don’t know if I could have done this elsewhere.”The openness to films of an erotic nature has a long history in Quebec.

People are nonetheless respectful of her, she insists. When Canadian films were beginning to proliferate in the 1960s, particularly with new government support in the form of the Canadian Film Development Corp., Quebec filmmakers saw an opening for movies that would later be called “maple syrup porn.”Movies such as Denis Héroux’s — about two suburban housewives who seduce their many delivery men — were controversial, but in a Quebec largely turning its back on the Catholic Church, also box-office hits.

The soft core features were also among the few films to actually let the corporation recoup its investment. It was in Montreal that Manwin, the largest network of online porn sites in the world, got its start.

Other large Montreal companies are well known in the business.

But Montreal doesn’t have elevated rates of prostitution offences, despite the prevailing attitudes.

Though higher than in Toronto, they’re still lower than the rates in Vancouver, Regina and Sudbury, according to Statistics Canada.

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