Adult chat in ct

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Adult chat in ct

The 2-minute video shows what happens when you have a CT scan.Voiceover: A CT scan helps your doctor make a diagnosis, decide about what treatment you need or find out if your treatment is working.

This shows up on the x-ray and makes the outline of the bowel show up more on the scan. Your first couple of bowel motions will be white, but there are no other side effects.

If you are having one of these, you will be asked to clear your bowel by taking strong laxatives and drinking a special liquid with meals and follow a special diet about 2 days before the test. The radiographer might ask you to change into a hospital gown.

You’ll have to remove any jewellery and other metal objects, such as hair clips.

Once you’re in the right position, the radiographer leaves the room.

They can see you on a TV screen or through a window from the control room. The couch slowly slides backwards and forwards through the hole of the scanner. The scan is painless but can be uncomfortable because you have to stay still.

It also shows how close the area that needs to be treated, or operated on, is to major body organs. For most scans, you have a drink or an injection of contrast medium, or both.

This is a dye that shows up body tissues more clearly on the scan.

You might have a very detailed scan of the bowel called a CT colonography (or virtual colonoscopy).

Instead of having a tube and a camera put into your bowel to look inside (a colonoscopy), you will have CT scans.

Again, this helps to show up the inside of your body more clearly on the scan.

During the scan the bed moves in and out of the scanner. As the drip goes in you’ll probably get a metallic taste in your mouth, feel warm and you might think you are passing urine, you’re not. The radiographer controls the scan from a separate room.

This is to help show up the tissues close to the area containing the cancer, for example blood vessels.

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