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You can choose to have the account use a simplified version of the Finder, and restrict which applications are visible to this user – even to the extent of blocking access to particular Dashboard Widgets.More importantly, you might want to limit their access to some of the system utilities, or you might go so far as turning off internet access altogether by disallowing all browsers.

Again, it’s quite simple: you can see a report of websites visited and blocked, of applications run, and of i Chat usage.Let me remind you that I wrote about the previous version of this software a few months ago, and said that I had stopped using it.Well, the new version really is an improvement all around.These settings work like a time-allowance, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.It’s not a subtle setup, and doesn’t give you control over specific times – say you’d agreed with your daughter that she would do homework from 7pm to 8pm: it’d be nice if you could restrict access to the computer during that time, which this setup can’t manage.Once you’ve created the new account with these settings, when you select it from the list of accounts, you’ll see that there’s a button right there to ‘Open Parental Controls…’.

Click this button, and you’ll be taken to the Preference Pane that gives you control over these settings: The options here are quite obvious, but provide some fundamental protection.

You set a username, an account name, password, and – crucially for this article – the account type.

What you want to do is select ‘Managed with Parental Controls’.

Kids and computers go together like peanut butter and jelly. My point is that kids start using computers earlier and earlier, and many of them become very adept and quite precocious at an extremely young age.

There are significant dangers out there: the online world is a new place to be concerned about what your kids are up to, and we’ve all heard too many stories already of youngsters getting into trouble online.

Once you’ve selected the user account you want to modify, you are taken through a series of steps by which you can modify the default settings.

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