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Her father, a businessman who made frequent trips to Cuba, had impregnated a woman whose husband was serving during wartime, and he’d assumed custody of the baby.Tina was adopted by the woman her father later married.

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Cohen, a hefty man in dire need of some dental work, answered. “I never thought it would happen.” Will began visiting Tina as often as he could, and he started identifying himself by his mother’s maiden name.Siebel’s 1970 song “Louise” has been covered by Bonnie Raitt and Leo Kottke, among others.Tina has said she was friendly with Peter Thorkelson — better known as the future Monkee Peter Tork — and that she lived for a time in an apartment rented by Peter La Farge, whose “Ballad of Ira Hayes” would become a hit for Johnny Cash.Ticket-holders filtered into the venue after the dinner hour, past the clattering slot machines, the bright high-end boutiques, and the unsettling stuffed wolves serving as décor.When he took the stage without comment, the inscrutable slit-eyed singer opened with a rambling version of “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”: For Dylan fans, the show was more or less what they’ve come to expect in recent years: a superb, agile band; rough, noncommittal singing; a mix of enduring favorites and recent album tracks. * * * A few months before the show, Will De Vogue — an on-again, off-again banking industry employee working odd jobs around Portsmouth, Rhode Island — had created a small stir on the Internet, claiming he could be the illegitimate first son of the voice of the sixties.After Havens played it in one of the coffeehouses, a tearful young man approached him in the stairwell to congratulate him.

Then Dave Van Ronk, the “Mayor of Mac Dougal Street” — the folk-singing ringleader whose life was fictionalized in the recent film — explained to Havens that the shaggy urchin he’d just spoken to was Bob Dylan, the writer of the song. Michaels “was always trying to pass off Dylan’s stuff as his,” said Siebel in an interview.

His marriage, through which he has two young children, failed.

When he was a boy, his adopted family in Rhode Island gave him a bag containing a lock of hair and a baby picture.

She first bumped into Gene Michaels, an aspiring performer, in the clubs and coffeehouses a few times before he made a proposal.

“I was walking down the street and he came up in back of me, and he gave me this dress with a paisley print,” Tina recalled.

Soon the couple was appearing together as Gene and Tina Michaels in the “basket houses” — folkie coffee shops in which the performers were paid by passing around a basket. “A woman passing the basket gets more money,” she explained.