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They have four children and nine living grandchildren (all age twelve and under).

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She hopes that her writing will inspire readers to gain a new perspective on the Catholic faith. Author Website | Author Archive Page Latest Post: The Dilemma of the Essential and Nonessential Doctrines Anabelle Hazard is a practicing Catholic, non-practicing attorney, learning homeschooler, penniless novelist (of Catholic novels “Written in the Sand and Stars” & “Fireflies Dance”), and unpredictable blogger at Written By the Finger of God.Author Website | Author Archive Page Latest Post: “The Word Became Flesh”: A Reflection on the Incarnation Alita is the proud mother of two wonderful adult daughters, and a retired school teacher of both public and parochial schools. Author Archive Page Latest Post: 5 Catholic Books For You And Your Teen Anne De Santis is a wife and mother, 50 model/actor from the Greater Philadelphia area.She credits her mom with the strong Catholic faith she enjoys today, and wishes to share the wealth of mercy and experience of divine love encountered in the Heart of Jesus throughout her life, in order to return praise and thanksgiving to Him, and draw others to know and love Him, too. She has been writing with The Catholic Stand since 2014.And, finally, my motivation: “It is also necessary—may God grant it! He is a Military Policeman and has been a Squad Leader, Desk Sergeant and U. He is working towards his Master’s Degree in Human Resources and has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.—that in providing others with books to read I myself should make progress, and that in trying to answer their questions I myself should find what I am seeking. He has been a Catholic his entire life but had fallen away from the Church.In his essays he hopes to share that fascination with others. Author Website | Author Archive Page Latest Post: God Had a Plan: He Asked Mary’s Permission Retired, cranky, old physicist. Trying to show that there is no contradiction between what science tells us about the world and our Catholic faith.