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New York City mourned the loss of one of its finest police officers with the death of Detective First Class Steven Mc Donald.The 59-year-old passed away in January 2017, the result of a heart attack.

Sometimes the person just needs a few cents or a few dollars, but she remains willing to help because she hopes her acts of kindness will inspire the recipients to pay it forward someday.

We don’t know when that time will be so it’s important to live each day with love and purpose, leaving this world better than we found it.

Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington is used to hobnobbing with other celebrities, but he hasn’t forgotten the kindness of people who made a difference in his life when he was growing up. She spent 50 years working as a librarian at New York’s Mount Vernon Public Library.

Cynthia’s father, Irving, who was also living on a very tight budget, put his hand on her shoulder and invited her into their home. He could have taken her to the police station or a shelter, but instead he opened up his home, heart and family to Linda.”Dru Sanchez is a Tucson, Arizona mom whose story Laura Schroff shares in Angels on Earth.

Sanchez was out shopping one day when she noticed a young woman with three children.

She also said, “I want you to come see me every day.

And no matter how many tacos you have left, I will buy them from you.” Jose realized what a blessing this was, so he never abused her kind offer.When staffers there discovered her connection to Washington, they contacted him to invite him to her birthday party. John’s in Newark, New Jersey, also tends to the bodies of those in need.Though he couldn’t attend the actual event due to a scheduling issue, he called her for her birthday and promised to visit her another time. In addition to hosting a soup kitchen, the church’s former convent houses a walk-in health clinic that treats 150 patients a month.As reported by Kelly Marsicano in New Jersey Catholic, the clinic, which is funded entirely by private donations, offers “blood pressure and blood sugar screening, HIV testing, flu vaccines, general health care and counseling.” Registered nurse Katie Shaw said, “Nothing has brought Christ home to me like what I learn from people who come to St.John’s.”Shaw says, “These are men who may have slept outside in the rain and cold..they call themselves blessed...She could tell this family was on a tight budget because the boy kept typing numbers into a calculator and they would then put food back on the shelf if it was too expensive.“In that moment,” said Schroff, “Dru remembered what it was like many years ago when she was a struggling mom, and she thought, ‘You know what?

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