Adult funchats

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Adult funchats - russische frauen dating

But if a guard was making inappropriate jokes about another lifeguard, then the perpetrator should be let go.However, because so many guards were fired, it seems like the management overreacted because probably not all of those guards said hurtful things.

But it’s also true that sometimes it spirals out of control.

If I were a lifeguard manager, or whoever fired these people, I would draw the line at bullying or harassment.

If one or more specific people were targeted in the chats, I would take action, and if it were bad enough, would let people go.

That said, with young employees, like lifeguards tend to be, I think it generally makes sense to just explain this to them rather than firing them for it (unless it was really egregious, and I’d put “sharing photos of pool patrons” in the really egregious category).

People aren’t born knowing this stuff, and the way they learn it is usually that some manager takes the time to explain it to them.

In this particular pool, one of the guards was so hurt or disturbed by the group chat that they actually showed it to the superiors, believing it would be bad enough to warrant their attention.

In my work group chats, there is very little that would get anybody fired, and I don’t think anybody would show it to our boss.

Omegle is a website that allows you to chat with a random stranger.

So right away we have probably answered the question in the title of this post!

We’re trying to figure out how we would have responded in various situations. We obviously don’t have all the details here, but what’s your take on this?

I know we just heard from a niece, but this question was too perfect to pass up bringing in a different niece: 17-year-old M., who’s in her second year of lifeguarding and thus is my lifeguard expert (and who has been making occasional appearances here since she was 12). M.: We don’t know exactly what was in the chats, but it sounds like it was “raunchy jokes” and in that case, I don’t think the guards should have been fired.

But, also, it depends on the culture of the workplace.

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