Adult hidden eyeglass camera

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Alternatively smartglasses are sometimes defined as wearable computer glasses that are able to change their optical properties at runtime.Smart sunglasses which are programmed to change tint by electronic means are an example of the latter type of smartglasses .

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As with other lifelogging and activity tracking devices, the GPS tracking unit and digital camera of some smartglasses can be used to record historical data.The displayed shipping price is for '1' HD 1080P Clear Eye Glasses Covert Hidden Camera (Wire Free).To find the shipping cost for all your items, please view your cart.For example, after the completion of a workout, data can be uploaded onto a computer or online to create a log of exercise activities for analysis.Some smart watches can serve as full GPS navigation devices, displaying maps and current coordinates.The smartglasses can work as an extension, for head-up display (HUD) or remote control of the phone and alert the user to communication data such as calls, SMS messages, emails, and calendar invites.

Several proofs of concept for Google Glasses have been proposed in healthcare."The image which the doctor sees through Google Glass will be broadcast on the internet. Earlier, during surgeries, to show something to another doctor, we had to keep moving and the cameraman had to move as well to take different angles. So in this technology, the image seen by the doctor using Google Glass will be seen by everyone throughout the world," he said.In Australia, during January 2014, Melbourne tech startup Small World Social collaborated with the Australian Breastfeeding Association to create the first hands-free breastfeeding Google Glass application for new mothers.It may control or retrieve data from other instruments or computers.It may support wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.A group of students at The Ohio State University College of Medicine also observed the operation on their laptop computers.