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The high schools are filled with teachers who aren't qualified and don't care as much about their students' welfare as that they pass the state exams.

B., whose arrival back in town hints at a larger conspiracy aimed at the nwely-formedc twosome"--Page [4] of cover."After being torn apart, Genesis and Talisa have finally reunited.Then the vicious Confederate Home Guard claims Marlie's home for their new base of operations in the guerrilla war against Southern resistors of the Rebel cause.Escaped prisoner Ewan Mc Call is sheltering in Marlie's laboratory; he has his own history with the cruel captain of the Home Guard.Their love has endured many trials and tribulations but can it survive Genesis having a baby with another woman?Skylar's world came crumbling down when she realized Genesis s heart belonged to another woman but the birth of their child renewed her hope, their love could be rekindled.Will the daughter they share bring Genesis and Skylar closer or break their bond forever?

Amir is eager to prove he is ready to take the reins from his father.The Millhouses had three beautiful children - a son Marvin, Jr., and a set of twin girls Destiny and Dynasty.Even Marvin Jr.’s girlfriend was an example of near perfection.Making it home means accepting that you may open the door to find that someone you love did not have the same good fortune. He's haunted by the spirits of ancestors and of the demons of the system of oppression.Though the story told in Passage takes place in 1993, there is a striking parallel between Warrior's experience and the experiences of black male youth today, since nothing has really changed.Every memory in the novel is the memory of thousands of black families.