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You'll want it near the front of your Bullet Journal, so best to do it now.

If you're hesitant to buy a new journal before you know if you'll use it (valid decision by the way), grab an old steno notebook or one of the dozens of barely-used journals on your shelf.

It's the tool you use to take out the important bits of your day and give them permanence. When you're writing entries for the day, write them as they come to mind. I'd try and make adorable block letters to title every page.

Those bits will be practical, like tasks and appointments, but also personal, like things you want to remember, books you finished reading, conversations you had with an old friend. You might write "go to post office" and immediately follow it with "Sam rode his bike for the first time." It all gets logged in unbiased order, just as our brains naturally bend. I encourage you to look for other examples of Bullet Journaling, not just yet. Because there are people who doll their pages up beautifully with washi tape, calligraphy, stamps, intricate doodles, and everything else that makes your heart beat fast at the craft store. Collections are topical pages in your Bullet Journal, i.e. In the past, I've had collection pages for books to read, shows to watch, recipes to try, favorite restaurants, party plans, cleaning lists, meal plans, blog post ideas, words I love, and that's just scratching the surface. When you spend a few days flipping among several different pages to get the information you need, you'll think, "This would work a lot better if everything was on one page." Boom. I'd assign different colored pens to different categories. Some of you are super artistic and can make the word January resemble a snow flurry in the amount of time it takes me to find a pen. But whatever you choose, here's the trick: how you add entries has to be just as easy to execute on a Saturday evening when you're cozy on the couch surrounded by all your supplies as it is on a Monday at 4pm when someone poops on the floor just as your in-laws are walking in unannounced. Sometimes being aware of every possibility is crippling instead of inviting.

You can't fight it, so let's lean into it with lazy genius attitude. You might have seen the video or been on the website.

You might even be using the method yourself, but I want to share my take on the ins and outs, pitfalls and beauties of the best way to organize your life I've ever found.

One of the best qualities of the Bullet Journal is that nothing has to be written consecutively.

In fact, it serves its purpose best when you simply write any new information on the next blank page.We move through life, change, make memories, forget most of them, and wonder why we feel so listless on a regular basis.The Daily Log is the knife and fork to your Bullet Journal potato. Part of me wants my Bullet Journal to look like it belongs on a line of Martha Stewart packaging. I bordered each page with a different color of washi tape.I wish this post had existed when I first started, so here's to you having better luck with the learning curve than I did.It seems boring and bland and easily replaced by flashier starches like couscous and black forbidden rice, but the potato is special not for what it is but it what it can .But there is something different about going analog.