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If you plan on attending, we would love to welcome you to try a demo of the game at Booths 4 & 5.

Even more, we’re excited that we have the opportunity to continue to unite our players.We fully designed this game to be cross-platform with the PC, Linux, and Mac versions that are currently running over on Steam, and it was important for us to ensure that the Play Station 4 release would not be a point of division, but rather a way for us to grow our community.Having Play Station 4 players be able to seamlessly join matches with our PC, Linux, and Mac players is a dream come true, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.At Cox Con 2017, we debuted the long awaited PS4 Guns of Icarus for the first time ever!We had a large booth directly between the 2 points of entrance, overlooking the entire floor, so we decided to point all the screens facing into the room, for everyone to see.People did not want to leave, and security had to throw them out at the end of the day.

The team started to tell those on the show floor that their online teammates were playing on other platforms like PC, Mac, and Linux.

Humans aren’t perfect – but our drive to help others in times of need, in spite of all of our differences, is one of the most amazing things about us.

There are millions of people, at this exact moment, feeling the lasting impact of the recent hurricanes.

We are limited in what we can do individually, but have no doubt that we can make an impact when we all work together.

In times like these, we see communities join forces and become so much stronger than the sum of their parts.

Teamwork has always been the heart and soul of Guns of Icarus for us, and we’ve always considered uniting our players, no matter their platform of choice, to be an integral part of that experience.“Everything Guns of Icarus finally arrive on PS4 as a console exclusive, giving us the chance to push the envelope in cross-platform play,” says Howard Tsao, Team Lead, Muse Games.

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