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This particular typeface projects stability, quiet authority and dignity.

Green Pantone Gold Black 100% Reference: De La Salle University Institutional Identification Manual, Department of Communication, College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University.

As part of DLSU-D's aim for cultural development, as well as keeping with its Spanish-period-inspired motif, the three structures in the Museum Complex was officially named as the Cultural Heritage Complex.

Situated in the West campus, 600 meters away from the East campus, are the Colleges of Business Administration and Accountancy, Engineering, Architecture and Technology, the condominiums, dormitories, canteens, and the administration building.

It publishes news about on-campus events and issues concerning the Lasallian community.

HF can also refer to the that produces publications (namely: magazines, books, booklets, etc.) and hosts events for the DLSU-D community.

The Animo La Salle battle cry was derived from the 325 year spirit of "Faith and Zeal" of the Lasallian Brothers.

The Lasallian spirit of "Faith" is symbolized by the radiant Signum Fidei Star from Bethlehem (the rays of the star have been replaced with the gloria et honos laurel).

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Download The De La Salle Logo Vector File In Cdr Format (Corel Draw) Designed By Alexcpu.

In October 2003, the school became the first institution from the Luzon area to host the UNIGAMES meet.

Its men's and women's volleyball teams have won several championships in the UCAA and NCRAA, as they have been at one time, the year's multiple-time times defending titlists.

The office closely works with college deans and college publication committees in preparation for the first issues of the four(4) newly conceptualized refereed journals in 2007 which focus on the disciplines of the 7 colleges: Science & Technology Journal (COS, CLEAPS & CET), Journal of Humanities (CLA), Journal of Business (CBA & CIHM), and Journal of Education (COE). 2014-2015, 29,253 students were enrolled in the university's seven colleges.