Alexandra wentworth george stephanopoulos dating

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Alexandra wentworth george stephanopoulos dating

His father wanted him to become a lawyer, and Stephanopoulos promised him that he would study law, but graduated from Columbia University situated in New York with a Bachelor’s degree in political science, the best student of his class and being awarded a scholarship; he was also a broadcaster at the University’s radio station.Later he secured a Master of Arts degree in Theology from Balliol College, Oxford.

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His politically influenced career and being a TV personality is the reason for his huge net worth.Speaking before thousands doesn’t cause me an ounce of anxiety. Having just signed a book deal with Harper Collins [ is in stores now], I was spending my days in sweatpants, eating Milk Duds in my home office. Two years ago my husband, George Stephanopoulos, and I had finally settled into the Colonial Revival house in Washington, D. There was no more trim to paint, and we had enough throw pillows to cushion all of Uzbekistan.Now if he could just get me out of these sweatpants.George Robert Stephanopoulos, an American author, political advisor, journalist and broadcaster was born on , in Fall River, Massachusetts USA of Greek descent through both parents.It might not have been an Arabian palace, but the floor plan required no changes.

George and I offered no direction at all, happy to have Michael wave his traditionalist magic wand.In came a sectional sofa covered in rust-color velvet, a Swedish settee, and a pair of George II–style mahogany bookcases.When a mysterious piece of lacquer chinoiserie floated up, I stared at it blankly and asked, “Michael, what is this for? ” The next day he organized our books and blue-and-white pottery on what I now know to be a pagoda étagère.I come from a long line of strong women—my grandmother built a boat out of yak hides and crossed China’s Yellow River—so surely I could move my family, two dachshunds included, to Manhattan.No more than a tiny percentage of our possessions would fit into a New York apartment, but that was just as well: The only things worth saving, I decided, were photographs, some cherished works of art, and maybe a hot plate. I had always worshipped his designs and studied his monographs as though they were religious manuscripts.Excited at the prospect of a clean slate, I wondered how we could evolve beyond our humble domicile toward a more sophisticated home. A mutual friend had introduced us when Michael was in D. outfitting the Obama White House, and we became instant confidants, sharing sandwiches as I tagged along with him to antiques shops.

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