Allie dimeco dating nat

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Allie dimeco dating nat

The first season featured guest appearances by rapper Snoop Dogg, actor/comedian George Lopez, and actor-musician Keli Price. The second season started off with the third TV movie Sidekicks.During the second half of the season, the band went on tour.

Meanwhile, Nat and Rosalina become a couple in the TV movie.The series is a spin-off of The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie, which was originally an independent film written and directed by Draper.After winning a prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival in 2005, Albie Hecht—who later became an executive producer of the show—was present that day and bought the film, to which became a pilot to the latter TV series and premiered in January 2007.The storyline takes place in New York City where the siblings live in a vivid colored apartment, akin to the family's real home.The show is based on Nat's real-life band, The Silver Boulders, which he formed in preschool with his childhood friends.The show stars Draper's prodigious sons, Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff, who portray famed versions of themselves.

Draper's husband, Michael Wolff, serves as the music supervisor and also plays his sons' inept accordion-playing father.

The band features the lead singer-songwriter and keyboardist Nat Wolff; drummer Alex Wolff; 11-year-old guitarist Qaasim Middleton; 11-year-old keyboardist David Levi; 11-year-old cellist Thomas Batuello; 13-year-old Rosalina (Allie Di Meco) who is Nat's crush and the bassist; and, 11-year-old band manager Cooper Pillot.

In the first season the second TV movie Battle of the Bands, aired on October 6, 2007. Band members Rosalina (Allie Di Meco) is 14; and Qaasim, Thomas, David, and Cooper are 12.

There's a lotta great moments I like to think back on from the NBB days.

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However, a mini reunion might be brewing in just a couple of weeks after Qaasim tweeted Nat and Alex he was coming "thru on the 10th," and the brothers' joint account retweeted him.

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