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They kept my deposit in the amount of (approx) $399.

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(I am a trauma nurse at Delray Medical Center and there was a mass casualty that day).In an email response she wrote to me, she states this is because the icemaker leaked and caused mold.When I reported that the icemaker leaked, the maintenance man, Rodrigo, came over to fix it.However, when he learned that I was moving out within a couple of days, he told me not to worry about it, that he would take care of it.I told him I was afraid if it didn't get fixed, there would be a problem.There is much more, but I have reached the limit allowed on this form.

My neighbor under me has been falsley calling the police reporting a disturbance.

My wife called and said we would not take the property and was told at that time the deposits were non refundable but they would correct the issues and send another lease. I emailed them back and said we would not take the property and i wanted my deposits back or would begin litigation against them.

They emailed and said to call and that the deposits were non refundable. We only had a good faith deposit based on what we were told.

Also, many of my former neighbors continue to keep in touch with me and I was informed that BJ Levy has been discussing the fact that she is "suing me".

When one of my former neigbors (who still lives in the Enclave) mentioned that she saw me out recently, BJ Levy reportedly said, "Did you tell her show owes me money?

However, there are many other items for which she claims I am responsible as well and the claims are absolutely false.

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