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Both of the unidentified officers were treated at a hospital and released.The five officers fired 36 rounds, hitting Arnold 14 times. Arnold was wanted in the September 1 killings of Erica Wallace and her 17-year-old daughter, Kiara La Salle.

Arnold was wanted for killing his 45-year-old girlfriend and her 17-year-old daughter on September 1.

He was suspected of shooting the two victims and attempting to burn their bodies, which were found in the bathtub by a fire crew that responded to a carbon monoxide alarm at the house.

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“It’s just not a place that’s conducive to getting out and doing stuff,” says longtime resident Kent Martin, a competitive runner and MMA coach, “and that’s because of the humidity.

The city’s average commute—27.5 minutes, primarily by car since Houston lacks a comprehensive mass-transit system—also plays a major role in keeping Houstonians seated and sedentary. In previous surveys we’d claimed Houston was on the upswing in the weight-loss department, but there’s evidently been a bit of a regression since we last checked in. Houston typically suffers through a hundred or more days each year with temperatures in excess of 90Åã, combined with relative humidity that rivals Manila’s. In fact, the last time we tried this, fewer than six states had an obesity rate above 30%. Fine, we threw one in anyway, but it couldn’t be helped, because, according to the CDC, a whopping 34% of H-Town residents are overweight. Portland isn’t just about cycling, though: 54.7% of adults in the Rose City perform at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five or more days per week. As the top-ranked locale in our Healthy City index, it makes sense that, according to the CDC,40.3% of Portland residents weigh in within healthy parameters.Sacramento police released graphic video of a fatal shootout that killed a double-homicide suspect and wounded two officers.Some senior dating sites seem to think that being in a similar age group is all that's needed for two people to make a match.