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Amish people with this gene mutation were also significantly less likely to get diabetes, and had 30 per cent lower fasting insulin levels, and more efficient metabolisms.

'It's a desirable form of longevity.'Researchers studied 177 members of the Berne Amish community in Indiana, and found 43 who had one mutant copy of the gene, SERPINE1.

Authorities say a pickup truck has hit a horse-drawn Amish buggy in Ohio, killing a woman riding in the buggy.

The State Highway Patrol’s Chillicothe post says 18-year-old Barbara Swarey died at the scene of the crash Sunday evening in Pike County. Tim Karwatske says a man pulling a trailer with his pickup hit the back of the buggy.

The Amish are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships with Swiss Anabaptist origins.

They're known for their simple living and plain dressing, and shunning of modern technology.

People with just one copy of the mutated gene did not have a bleeding disorder.

Northwestern University researchers have partnered with Japan's Tohoku University to develop and test an experimental oral drug (called TM5614) that would inhibit the action of PAI-1, like in Amish people with the mutant gene.The ancestors of the Indiana Amish emigrated in the middle of the 19th century from Berne, Switzerland.The researchers say that the mutation was introdiced into the Amish kindred by farmers from Switzerland, who moved into the area.Pictured are Amish people featured in the TV program 'Amish: A Secret Life' Researchers based at Northwestern University have found a genetic mutation in the Amish people of Berne, Indiana that appears to make them live 10 years longer than people without it.Researchers studied 177 members of the Berne Amish community in Indiana, and found 43 who had one mutant copy of the gene, SERPINE1.These carriers lived to 85 on average, while those without it in the Amish community tend to live to 75.

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