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In addition to the texts of "The Pride of Life" and "Wisdom," Klausner's edition includes two appendices which provide the texts of primary sources for the two plays as well as appropriate music which may have accompanied performances, especially "Wisdom."Copyright 2009, pp.viii 118 ISBN 978-1-58044-134-6 (paperback) $14.95Buy this book John the Blind Audelay Edited by Susanna Fein [Audelay's] idiosyncratic devotional tastes, interesting personal life history, and declared political affiliations—loyalty to king, upholder of estates, anxiety over heresy—make him worthy of careful study beside his better-known contemporaries.

The focus is on Middle English literature adjacent to such major authors as Chaucer or Malory.

Morey The "Prik of Conscience" is widely known among scholars of medieval English literature as the poem existing in more manuscripts—some 130—than any other Middle English poem. The paraphrase is, in several ways, a remarkable artifact of the Chaucerian period, one that can reveal a great deal about vernacular biblical literature in Middle English, about readership and lay understandings of the Bible, about the relationship between Christians and Jews in late medieval England, about the environment in which the Lollards and other reformers worked, about perceived roles of women in history and in society and even about the composition of medieval drama. The play begins before Mankind's birth and concludes with his salvation after death (presented as a close call), and features the traditional three enemies of Mankind (the World, the Flesh and the Devil) and his two advisors (the Good Angel and the Bad Angel). viii 150 ISBN 978-1-58044-149-0 (paperback) .95Buy this book Edited by Kathleen M.

The author remains unknown to us, but he was clearly conversant with a wide range of patristic and clerkly authority. vi 282 ISBN 978-1-58044-172-8 (paperback) .95Buy this book Edited by Clifford Davidson The feast of Corpus Christi, celebrated annually on Thursday after Trinity Sunday, was devoted to the Eucharist, and the normal practice was to have solemn processions through the city with the Host, the consecrated wafer that was believed to have been transformed into the true body and blood of Jesus. Ashley and Gerard Ne Castro "Mankind" is without a doubt the most amusing and controversial morality play surviving from fifteenth-century England.

x 517ISBN 978-1-588044-198-8 (paperback) .95Buy this book Volume 3Copyright 2014, pp.

x 420ISBN 978-1-588044-199-5 (paperback) .95Buy this book Edited by Eve Salisbury and James Weldon "Lybeaus Desconus" (the Fair Unknown) is the mid-fourteenth-century Middle English version of the classic narrative of the handsome and mysterious young outsider who comes to the court of King Arthur to prove himself worthy of joining Arthur's knights.

Chandler "The King of Tars" is a short Middle English poem that emphasizes ideas about race, gender and religion.

It is neither a saint's life or a romance, nor a political drama or a miracle tale.

vi 186 ISBN 978-1-58044-148-3 (paperback) .95Buy this book Edited by David N.

Klausner This volume completes the presentation of the five surviving Middle English morality plays.

1488 and a Middle English translation printed in 1492, preserve lively, entertaining and revealing exchanges between the Old Testament wisdom figure Solomon and Marcolf, a medieval peasant who is ragged and foul-mouthed but quick-witted and verbally astute. Parkinson In this new edition of the poems of Robert Henryson, David Parkinson offers editions of Henryson's "Fables," "The Testament of Cresseid," "Orpheus and Eurydice" and twelve shorter poems (grouped according to the strength of their attribution to Henryson), as well as the glosses and explanatory and textual notes characteristic of Middle English Texts series volumes. viii 294 ISBN 978-1-58044-139-1 (paperback) .95Buy this book Edited by David N.

The "Dialogue" was a best-seller of its day; Latin versions survive in some twenty-seven manuscripts and forty-nine early printed editions, and the work was translated into a wide variety of late medieval vernaculars, including German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, English and Welsh. viii 110 ISBN 978-1-58044-180-3 (paperbound) .95Buy this book Edited by James H. Klausner "The Castle of Perseverance," like the other surviving morality plays, deals allegorically with the life of man, his struggle against temptation and sin and his hope of final redemption.

The editions include glosses of difficult words and short introductions on the history of the work, its merits, points of topical interest and brief bibliographies.