Android 2 2 gmail not updating

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Android 2 2 gmail not updating - two main ways of dating fossils

Now, repeat this procedure for each and every contact until they are saved.Both the methods mentioned above either require just your Android device or just a Gmail account.

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But it makes us so frustrating when they are lost due to some issues.

Most of our important and personal data like contacts and text messages are stored on our mobiles.

But there is always a risk of losing this data while updating your device with Custom ROM or flashing a firmware.

Once created, just log into it through your PC or laptop and search for a contact icon.

You’ll find it somewhere on the left hand side of the screen.

Step 5: Turn on the sync contacts option available there.

By doing so, your Android phone will be automatically synced with your Gmail account and all your contacts will be transferred from your device.

Step 3: Click on the accounts and sync settings option from them.

Step 4: Add your Gmail account there by entering your username and password.

Later on you can retrieve them on any Smartphone, it’s not necessary to be Android only.

Other than making calls, SMS is the next vital task the Smartphones are used for now days.

It’s always risky and even your device might lose all the data including those long lists of contacts which will be tedious and annoying to re-enter.

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