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Such voted are advisory and are not binding upon the Committee.

Both task forces were chaired by Bruce Johnson, and both had short deadlines, which they met.Jizba noted that she had used the word MARC loosely, intending to mean the content of the bibliographic record.Watson suggested that CC: DA might look at the content of the TEI header, compare it to AACR2R, and see where one agrees with the other and what possible discrepancies exist. Report from the ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee (Hill) Hill noted that she had passed out two documents to CC: DA at the beginning of the meeting which were just for the committee's information: and the related responses.In particular, it seemed unclear whether a task force should be appointed, and what the charge to this task force might be. Mifflin expressed her belief that CC: DA should get involved from the beginning to make sure that the TEI header is useful for catalogers.Swanekamp agreed, noting that many people currently working with SGML markup are putting bibliographic information into the header.Their reports were distributed to CC: DA members electronically prior to the conference.

Johnson would report on these task forces later in the meeting.Abbreviations used in these minutes include: AACR2R = Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd edition, 1988 revision AALL = American Association of Law Libraries AASL = American Association of School Librarians ACRL = Association of College and Research Libraries ALCTS = Association of Library Collections and Technical Services ANSI = American National Standards Institute ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASIS = American Society for Information Science CCC = Canadian Committee on Cataloguing CCS = ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section CETH = Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities CNI = Coalition for Networked Information CPSO = Library of Congress, Cataloging Policy and Support Office HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language IEEE = Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IFLA = International Federation of Library Associations ISBD = International Standard for Bibliographic Description JSC = Joint Steering Committee for the Revision of AACR LC = Library of Congress MARC = Machine-Readable Cataloging MLA = Music Library Association NISO = National Information Standards Organization RLG = Research Libraries Group SGML = Standard Generalized Markup Language SLA = Special Libraries Association TEI = Text Encoding Initiative URL = Universal Resource Locator 453. Welcome and opening remarks (Chair) The first meeting of the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access came to order at p.m. The Chair opened the meeting by welcoming Committee members and audience observers. Introduction of members, liaisons, and representatives (Group) The Chair reported that there are still some problems with the mail reflector, although the situation has been greatly improved.The roster was circulated to the Committee, and an attendance sheet to the audience. CC: DA is now wholly on the ALA mail reflector, but the Chair is still unable to make changes to the reflector, which has resulted in bounced mail and other complications.In CC: DA minutes, the term "members" is used to apply to both voting and non-voting appointees to the Committee.Where a distinction is necessary, the terms "voting members" and "representatives" are used.After consulting with Eric Childress, the Chair forwarded Bowen's communication to ALCTS-AV, who will be discussing it.

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