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Aomike dating website - apicultura online dating

It's a sad premise but I assure you that it's worth the watch.The drama will definitely make you cry, but only in the last couple of episodes.

But because of his parents' pressuring, he enters a contracted relationship with Jang Mi.They sometimes sign a contract, other times it's a verbal agreement.There are various reasons that make the characters want to fake a relationship including getting an inheritance, parental pressure, and keeping up appearances.Hye Soo also finds that out that she has a brain tumor and little chances of surviving, so she decides to enter a contracted marriage with Ji Hoon.In this drama, they actually sign a contract stating the conditions of the marriage.A nickname he got from his friends was 'Het' (ie mushroom), used because her hair looked like a mushroom.

A nickname you would choose for yourself "Ling" (ie mono) because he had once said monkey face.

Your bad experiences include being rejected at age 12.

His favorite phrase is "Do what you want others to do." He is very shy but loves to smile, even if it is a severe type of work.

Your opinion on their appeal would be the quality of his eyes, though he says he has never seen himself.

His nickname "Mike" comes from his family business, Michel Angelo, which began when he was born.

He is best known as Mike from duo group, Golf and Mike. Since I was a kid, I always dreamed of being a singer or a superhero like Spider-man.