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His apparent suicide coincided with Cornell's birthday.The Soundgarden rocker killed himself in May by hanging.

One Linkin Park band member went to pick him up on Thursday morning but arrived to find police already at his home.Chester was found dead from suicide by hanging just three months after his son's birthday dinner on July 20, leaving behind six children.'Thank you for releasing our first statement here at your restaurant,' says Samantha, after thanking the owners by name.'We honor you, we support you and we love you and your family.And Malibu is such an embracing community.'From there the video cuts to a discussion between Draven and Guajardo outside the restaurant, where the two discuss how the teenager is adjusting in the wake of his father's suicide. You always think that maybe he's on vacation and someone just found someone else.She later stated: 'I'm so disgusted on so many levels!Their were many friends & family that should have been there but when you turn a funeral into reducing someone's life into only 12 years that's what you get!Samantha also used social media to lash out at Chester's wife of 12 years Talinda in a post back in August.

In a lengthy diatribe that was shared on her Facebook page, Samantha said that the funeral made almost no mention of Chester's life before he met Talinda or their son.'Dra was never treated equally by [Talinda] & never wanted to go there because of that, wrote Samantha.The singer had a history of drug and alcohol abuse.He was married and is survived by his six children from two relationships.The son of late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has released three videos for National Suicide Prevention Week in the wake of his father's suicide this past July.Draven Bennington, 15, appears alone in one video, alongside his mother and the singer's first wife Samantha in the second video and for the final video in the series discusses suicide warning signs with Angelica Guajardo, a local marriage and family therapist.'Hi, I'm Draven Bennington, and I'm here on National Suicide Prevention Week,' says the teenager in the first video, while the music to his father's hit song 'Numb' plays in the background..Soon after, Draven has to stop and collect himself, taking a deep breath as Guajardo speaks to him about how difficult it is to deal with the loss of a friend or family member to suicide.

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