Are tony horton and dreya weber dating

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P90X2 Introduction: According to Tony Horton, Dreya came back for P90X2 by popular demand.Another theory: With her athletic skills, and close friendship with Tony, she was most likely at the top of the P90X2 cast list from the beginning.

And with director Stephen Wadsworth’s late entry to the new production, just 5 weeks before it opened, that is a fete.

I may have confessed to a little crush on her myself.

Many people have searched the Internet for more information about Shawna from the X2 Yoga workout in P90X2.

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With an opera of this complexity, I really appreciated the riveting close-ups and back stage interviews that accompany the HD Live transmissions.

The chance to literally crawl out of bed and into my car in yoga pants and to the theatre without the typical drama around what to wear makes it all about the music too.Check out the rest of my cast profiles for more information about your P90X2 favorites, as I add them to the blog.Here’s an update from 2014: Tony and Shawna demonstrate couples yoga for Valentine’s Day!Edit Tony Horton was born to the parents, Anthony Sawyer Horton (Sr.) and Jean (née Gencarelli), Horton in Westerly, Rhode Island, U.(December 2013 update: Drea joins the cast of P90X3!) Background/Current: As Tony tells us in P90X, and repeats in P90X2, Dreya is an aerialist, “Flying through the air with the greatest of ease.” She is also an actress, choreographer, and producer.Unlike P90X, where Dreya appears in several workouts, she is only featured in X2 Total Body.

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