Art auction house liquidating new state york

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Art auction house liquidating new state york - delta goodrem admits dating nick jonas

Some buyers just do not want to spend the time waiting through a 5 or 6 hour auction.There are some that do not want to stand in line early in the morning to get first pick of items under priced at estate sales. But at auctions a buyer doesn't have to stand in line early in the morning or even attend the event at all.

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At auction all the items will sell for the very top dollar that day, and nothing will be left over.

When an estate occurs it seems that the MAJORITY of family members make a statement along the lines that "we need to have an estate sale" - the term 'estate auction' is what they really mean.

In most cases, it becomes apparent that the person named as an estate representative (executor) lacks the necessary experience and know how to adequately perform the required tasks when settling an estate.

"For discerning buyers, these sales represent an extraordinary value opportunity.

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The antique dealer down the street sent her to us as they had quit buying and were in the process of closing down.

I told the consignor that I would buy the statue but that I thought she would do better consigning it to auction.The seller said she just as soon sell it now and be done with it. Another time I went to a house to pick up furniture for auction.I pulled out a hundred bill but stopped and told her I really think she might get about 3 to 6 hundred at auction. It was in horrible condition and I refused to take it asking if there was anything else they wanted to sell.Pricing an item for maximum value at an estate tag sale requires the person doing the pricing to be 100% right on the money every time. Getting the top dollar from the buying community at large for every item at auction is not going to happen either.Bottom line is it seems to the casual person that using either method for getting the top dollar that day from the available pool of buyers is about equal.But the reality is that in the long run auctions will out perform a tag sale.

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