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Quiet mountains, playing in running rivers, food cooked on chulha, the happiness of plucking apricots and plums and then breaking the apricots kernels to eat the almond nut were my favorite childhood memories.” She is in quest of living and creating more of such experiences.

Meanwhile, Rudran leaves his house to find his place on a small cave, and soon meets Hamsavalli, who tries her best to convince him to return home, but fails.All of a sudden all I wanted to do was to travel to a new place.Initially, I wrote research papers to be presented at conferences like Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh as it served an easy, “Yes” from my parents.I was completely blown by first the wilderness of Durmitor National Park and then their rich cultural heritage.Trekking around Black lake in Durmitor is going to be the trek I am sure I will cherish for a long time.I have a long list of what travel has taught me, two of them are below: The realization that I only need one eighth of what I crave to hoard, and be happy about it.

It was only during travels that I understood that how my backpack, like life baggages dictated my travel and life decisions.

2014 : Decided to hike there in summers’14 but we ( Saurav & I ) landed up in Europe instead.

2015 : Once again I had to postpone my plans to join him for Silk Road 2016 : Booked my tickets without telling him. Started the hike at 8am, reached the top at 10am and yelled to myself : That someday is today!

Another part of me asked me not be friendly and as I was still contemplating about the cookies, he took out fresh plums from his bag and offered us to eat. ( It’s Eid in Afghanistan today ) Second one: It took me 4 years to hike up to the Tiger’s nest, Bhutan.

2013 : Made up my mind to visit this place someday!

But a local animal smuggler steps in to disrupt the harmony in the lives of the zamindar and his adopted family.