Askmedia online dating

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Askmedia online dating

The relationship between ad buyer and seller is not adversorial - simply put they will work hard for your business on an ongoing basis if you are good to work with.

When going through the process of planning your campaign and deciding where to place your advertising investment there are some key questions all advertising buyers, marketers & sme's should ask media owners to ensure you are making the correct buying decision.A book store in Colorado has been vandalised five times because it is named after the Egyptian goddess.Disturbance among others could be seen in the comments by the petitioners."My name is Isis and I already feel offended by the media, so I can only begin to imagine what women/girls called Isis must feel like. Not a very comfortable combination these days," a petitioner says.- Quantitative Traffic/Audience – what is your reach?Gathering accurate, up to date, sourced and preferably audited traffic or audience statistics to determine reach to your target market is vital.– if your target market is within a defined geographic area then exposing your advertising message to an audience outside of this area is not only a waste of your money but also irrelevant to that audience.

Please ask how much of the audience is within your geographic target.

An anonymous petitioner signed the online appeal for their cat that is named Isis.

"The only person I know named Isis is our cat, she is the opposite of the evil associated the name these days, but she was named after the goddess. Isis, Isil or Daesh There has also been a call from authorities to start using the name Daesh to refer to the Isis terror group.

This information may include insights such as gender, age breakdown, income, media habits and purchase intent.

Media Scope can help media owners develop qualitative survey questions for their audience - see more information here - What is Your Geographic Reach?

As many as 57,708 people have signed an online petition calling on media to stop using the acronym Isis for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.