Aspxgridview rowupdating event not firing

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Aspxgridview rowupdating event not firing - eric villency dating

Button does not fire first click but it fires well second click Hi All, I developed a web form that have one button named save Button. Hi, in the markup of you Grid View control, do you see the Row Updating="..." or Row Updated="..." where ... The columns are : 1 Edit Command Field, and 3 other Boundfields. Gridview Row Editing not firing Heres what I am trying to do: I'm creating a Account page that has a accordion called Acc Act Services, the panes inside of the accordion are dynamically created at runtime in with description of service and a gridview(that is also dynamically created) that details license key data from SQL server.

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When run project then click button it does not work just refresh page after than i clicked again click event worked fine. Thanks My Sample code : protected void save Button_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Can you place your aspx page code so that I can better help you... Grid View Update not firing I have girdview, when I put a row into edit mode, the Update link does not fire. is a methodname with as parameterlist (Object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e). When I click on the Edit commandfield, Row Editing Event does not get fired. When I take a standard Grid View, bind it to a Data Table and dynamically wrap it in an Update Panel at run-time, the Row Updating event stops firing my handler. I'm writing a custom control that will automatically wrap controls in an Update Panel dynamically at run-time. In the user control i have placed an dynamically generated table in which one cell consist of generated button.i have written an event handler for it but is not firing on the click of that button.i am attaching a sample code for it plese look into it. But the "Update" and "Cancel" do not fire when clicked. I had a similar problem: I have a grid that gets bound to a (collection) property of an item in a detailsview. The edit link would put the gridview in edit mode, cancel would work but the Row Updating event just did not fire. Basically, it doesn't remember that it's in edit mode.

Here is some needed bits of the code: Alternating Row Style-Css Class="grid Item" Header Style-Css Class="grid Head ms-alternating" Auto Generate Columns="False" Alternating Row Style-Font-Bold = "true" Row Style-Font-Bold="true" Data Key Names="Request Detail Inventory Item ID" On Row Deleting="grd Inventory_Row Deleting" On Row Canceling Edit="grd Inventory_Row Canceling Edit" On Row Editing="grd Inventory_Row Editing" On Row Updating="grd Inventory_Row Updating" Auto Generate Edit Button="true" Auto Generate Delete Button="true" Codebehind:protected void grd Inventory_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) protected void grd Inventory_Row Canceling Edit(object sender, Grid View Cancel Edit Event Args e) protected void grd Inventory_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) protected void grd Inventory_Row Deleting(object sender, Grid View Delete Event Args e) protected void Reload Inventory Grid() Thanks for your help! the View state is disabled because I need the the Grid View to be displayed even when there is no data. I have a databound control that has the datasource set dynamically. I have a button inside a row with the command name set to ' Update'. All I want to do is execute a stored proc (SQL Server) whenever the user clicks "Update" (Auto Generate Edit Button="true") but, when the user clicks "Update" (after clicking "Edit"), Row Updating does not fire. I bind the data on each postback which I think might be part of the problem. One thing I did notice is that is that when the update button is clicke... I have event handlers for both the Updating, and Updated event. Strangely enough, all the other events fire - Row Command shows the an "Edit" command has fired but Row Updating never gets hit. Row Updating event not firing on update button click for Grid View Control Hi, I've viewed some of the other posts and although they come close to addressing my problem they still leave something lacking so here goes. Because i am using a maser template with two content placeholders i cannot use the same Object D... The Grid View control resides in a User Control which is referenced in an page that is housed inside a Master Page. Gridview Whoa what a waste the last three hours have ultimately been... I'm sure it has something to do with the dynamic columns but I'm not sure what. Hi, As Per Reading your question I found That you may not set your Update buttons command name property to update See if it is not set to commandname='Update' then it will not work.