Astrology and dating

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One way this is apparent is that he often prefers to perform practical tasks to help loved ones in preference to making purely romantic gestures. A Capricorns greatest strength is his ability to set goals and pursue them until attained.

Don't be surprised if he suggests making love at either your place of work or his, it seems to be a common fantasy with Capricorns!They are very loyal to those they care for, but often cold to those outside of their circle of friends and family.They are often highly cautious and analytical when making new friends.Bad news affects them less than other signs, and rarely holds them back for long.Never underestimate the patience or willpower of a Capricorn man who's on a mission!Respect, recognition and praise are important to them, as is their public image.

They value steady progress over short bursts of activity, and are exceedingly patient.Once committed to a partner or married the Capricorn man is exceptionally loyal and will seldom divorce, because he feels that any situation can be worked out, and will certainly be willing to put in the effort to do so if his partner is.The Capricorn man is as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but can be somewhat inhibited in expressing his emotions, sometimes preferring to perform practical tasks to help loved ones in preference to making purely romantic gestures.Outwardly reserved the Capricorn man is a complicated bundle of practicality, endearing modesty and self discipline, often reserving his fun and sexy wild side strictly for those who are very close to him. Goals and a practical viewpoint often characterize this man.Down to earth, self motivated, patient and responsible.They can beat most other signs at almost anything in a battle of attrition.