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Seeing the naked man at the side of her bed, she pulled back the covers and then sat on the bed. Pavani looked down at the pathetic naked man that knelt before her. Officially he is known as Fred Jones and in the eyes of the public, her husband but privately he is her slave and is now known as Slave 13—a number so aptly applied as the past year has been one of great misfortune. The marriage hasn’t been consummated—and never will, as Pavani found him repulsive.

It is worth noting however when she first arrived at the house she served as the house maid. Her peaceful sleep was disturbed by the noise of the door opening.She was always heavily made up during the day but always removes the makeup at night when she goes to bed. As he focused on the deep valley of her cleavage his limp cock begun to slightly twitch as lust begun to engulf his body. This was to not only to remind him of his lowly status but also to ensure that she towered over him.Suddenly she looked up and fixed him with an icy stare that made him shiver. Pavani always wished she was taller like Rani and Geetha.It contains themes of sexual situations, female dominance, mind control and extreme torture and violence and as such, is not appropriate for minors and those who are easily offended by stories of this nature.If you are not an adult or are easily offended by extreme female domination stories that involves hypnosis, please stop reading this story.If you enjoy reading it or would like to make suggestions for its sequels or even have criticism, I’d love to hear from you! The beautiful large white house stood in the middle of a ten acre field.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] The last story had very good positive feedback for which I am very grateful. There were two other smaller buildings, one which housed a gym and another that housed an indoor swimming pool.Slave 13 was stunned, but before he had a chance to recover the same hand that slapped him quickly moved down like lightening and grabbed his balls. ’ she screamed as she dug her nails into his scrotum. ‘Sandals’ she said in breathlessly seductive tones, without looking up from the folder. He reached down and took out a pair of gold sandals from underneath the bed and begun to put them on Pavani’s feet. However after the death of his parents, Rick put his old family home up for sale.‘O’ Lady Pavani, I am so sorry’ squeaked Slave 13 in pain. Once both sandals adorned her feet, he began to lick each one clean. Despite this she still knew who he was as he hadn’t change much. This enabled Rani and Geetha to make enquiries that finally led to his whereabouts.Dawn was breaking over the large three storey house. The lady of the manor was still fast asleep in the large master bedroom.Although in her early fifties, the buxom Indian lady that owned the house was still nevertheless beautiful.© 2007 Nial Van Haydam This story is copyrighted material and is the sole property of the author.