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While she remains grateful for the role that made her famous, the eternally wholesome Barbara Good – or 'the sweetest, happiest little person in blue jeans', as she calls her – she admits the sheer niceness of the woman drove her a bit nuts. Now that she's a grandmother (and back with a man she once divorced), is she in any way ashamed of what she got up to in her youth? In her world, affairs are as much a part of life as breathing.'I'm always amazed at people's interest in affairs when they're so common – and not reserved for theatrical people.

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The tourists would come for the sale and spend money and then she hoped would come back again and again.

'Charley was 18 months old then and I just didn't know what had hit me.'Her second marriage, to director Michael Rudman, foundered too (this one produced her second son Jacob, now 28) – but romance was rekindled between the two and they're now 'as solid as you can get'. I don't see any need to revisit that – other than a great party, and we can have a party any time.

I quite like the fact that I can introduce him as 'my boyfriend' too! I also find myself thinking that maybe the old idea of the matchmaker is quite sensible.

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That is, until a valuable painting goes missing…and the lifeless body of an Air Force officer is found in Carol Carson’s painting studio, his face perfectly framed with the murder weapon—a metal picture frame.

Of the four iconic actors in The Good Life, only two – Felicity and her co-star Penelope Keith – are left.

Questions were asked about how close the actors were when Richard Briers, who played Tom Good, was interviewed not long before he died.My mother did yoga long before it was fashionable.' Her mother was also a 'passionate dancer' and not averse to taking her clothes off herself. 'And you don't wear any knickers under it.' Don't you? She says she'd have been the same had she lived in those days. She admits she works hard at looking and feeling young. There's a certain tautness around the jawline which just might possibly suggest some sort of lift, and she's admitted in the past to a flirtation with Botox. The only treatment she routinely has, she says, is a light pulse treatment to stimulate the skin.'I learned quite recently that she'd been a life model,' she says, eyes wide. 'And thank God, I don't.' Is sex still important to her? 'I won't do the rest of it – not for any great moral reasons, but because you reach a point where the face has to match the rest of you otherwise it looks ridiculous.' She grabs at that little bit of the neck that annoys her with its slackness. I'm lucky because a lot of my work is in theatre now.Barbara Good's sexiness was very coy; Felicity's is much more knowing. 'I think I have been, yes, I don't know why that is. Although parts of India are quite conservative there's also a greater awareness of the importance of sex. When you're 20 or 30 you have this idea that you can only feel sexy if your body looks a certain way. Before, I could go to the gym a few times a week and it would be fine.The British are still quite buttoned-up about it.'Felicity lived in India with her family, who had a touring repertory theatre company, from the ages of seven to 20 and was educated at Catholic convent schools. Maybe it's about people in the Eastern world just being more in tune with their bodies, with things like yoga. Or you certainly didn't used to.'A few years ago, while making a documentary for ITV, Felicity discovered that one female ancestor was deemed 'a tart' and thrown in the workhouse because of her extra-marital affairs. You're forever thinking you'd be sexier if you lost weight, or had your roots done.'A lot of actresses of her generation have trouble with the reality of ageing on screen. I can't feel good about myself unless I feel in shape and strong. Now it takes six times a week just to keep everything at bay.'What about cosmetic help?It appealed to her mischievous side, although she wasn't sure about the part at first because her character Judith Bliss is an actress – 'and who wants to do that? 'It's a delicious part, great fun,' she says of what some critics have called the performance of a lifetime.