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As well as a recent decision win over, Cătălin Moroşanu earlier this year.It will be interesting to see how this fight unfolds tonight in a bitter battle between England and France.

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He won his first Grand Prix in 1994 by knocking out Rob van Esdonk and Patrick Smith in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, respectively, before taking a unanimous decision over Masaaki Satake in the finals.His interest in combat sports came from his grandfather and an uncle; both were active in that field.In 1984, he started kickboxing and began training in "Judoka-Kickboxing" in Best, with Mikki Benazzouz.However, “The Dark Ronin” used Sam’s taunts as motivation to come over to England a few days later, dressed up (and with facial make-up done) as a crazed killer clown; armed with an actively working chainsaw and professional film crew; and visited a gym in London where he had believed Sam would be training one evening to confront him.The British fighter wasn’t there that night, however, you can see for yourself exactly what happened (in the video above).Quarteron hasn’t lost a fight since June 2009 which, was by second round KO, to Paul Slowinski at the Champions of Champions 2 event in Jamaica and approximately 82.5% of his past wins have been by KO.

Sam has been building good momentum with his fighting career ever since and including, a close decision loss to, Xavier Vigney at GLORY 23.However, he was stopped on more than one occasion by Mike Bernardo, being memorably knocked out of the 1996 K-1 World GP at the quarter-finals, as part of his series of wins over Aerts.Aerts' career was put on hold in 2001 when he suffered a devastating knockout blow at the hands of Seán Ryan in the final of the WOMAA world championships, which left him debating whether to ever return to martial arts again.The World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WPMF) สหพันธ์มวยไทยอาชีพโลก was formed in February 2004 by the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (PAT).The PAT is the only organization officially recognized by the Thai government.As you can imagine, such crude use of a picture from the late UK prime minster’s funeral, was not received well by the “The Warrior” or fight fans online either.

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