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Owing to the simplicity of the process, the resultant beverage is often of variable quality and has a short shelf life. Ergot, the common name of a fungus in the genus Claviceps that is parasitic on certain grains and grasses, also occurs in tropical regions, and may cause ergotism. In Isan, sato is usually served in a large bowl, into which individuals dip their glasses or cups.

Typical ingredients include rice chaff, milled rice, and refined sugar, and these make a beer of not more than 6.4 percent alcohol., a small ball of starch, yeast, and mold) is used to assist in fermentation.

A few hours later when I find it completely intact flying around my bathroom, I'll wonder if I really chewed that little miracle at all.

Due to the internal migration of people from Isan throughout Thailand, sato (like many forms of northeastern Thai cuisine) has become increasingly familiar to the general population, as well as expatriates and tourists.

South Korea has emerged from the shadows of its turbulent past and cemented its place as one of the world's major economic powers.

Since the turn of the 21st century, South Korean culture has become enormously popular all over East Asia, and this has made it a very popular tourist destination.

The steamed sticky rice is mixed with luk paeng and kept in a fermentation tank for three days, as the starch in the rice changes to sugar.

Water is then added to the fermentation tank and the mixture is allowed to ferment for a further week.Following that, the fresh rice wine is pressed from the dregs, and prepared by breaking the seal in the mouth of the jar and adding clean water, then immediately drunk.Archeological finds of prehistoric toolmaking on the Korean Peninsula date back to 70,000 BC, and the first pottery is found around 8000 BC.Comb-pattern pottery culture peaked around 3500-2000 BC.Gojoseon was eventually defeated by the Chinese Han Dynasty and its territories were governed as four commanderies.

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