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Again, why do you think Matt Bomer, once a leading candidate for a Superman part, was dropped?

if only to avoid the embarrassment of having to fire him and recast the role, since naturally the notion of Superman being played by an out(ed) homosexual is "unacceptable" to them.

R4, Bomer's background was comparable to Brandon Routh's at the time he was cast - mainly soaps and mainly known only to 'frauen.

The fact that he was up for the role certainly wasn't limited to the sphere of After Elton and gay gossip Web sites; see link.

Keram knows that Matthew Morrison celebrated Gwyneth Paltrow's "halliday" on "Glee" by fucking her senseless in his dressing room -- much to the amusement of his castmates, given the volume.

Keram does not know why Gwyneth remains married to Chris Martin, given that it's an open secret in Hollywood that their relationship ended two years ago, and she's since become the biggest co-star slut since Nicole Kidman's heyday, albeit minus the lesbian behavior.

What on *earth* do the original Keram rumors have to do with him being cast or not?

Contrary to popular belief, casting directors and studio agents do not routinely monitor Data Lounge and would not necessarily have known about the earlier rumors.

Keram knows that Henry Cavill's biggest problem isn't those photos with a Z-list actor that his flack is trying to cover up, but rather the existence of his now-former relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Why do you think production on "Man of Steel" has been so endlessly delayed?

Missteps like this exposes the frauds that post here. Wow, R20, you are SPECTACULARLY full of shit:[quote]Studios wouldn't have touched Bomer with a 10 ft pole for Superman because he is out around HW circles.

He was ALREADY CAST by Brett Ratner and then mysteriously dropped (the studio claimed it was because Ratner himself dropped the project, but that didn't stop *two* of the people Ratner was talking to - Routh and Cavill - from later being cast by other directors), plus back in 2003 nobody in Hollywood knew who the fuck he was until they did some investigating.[quote]He wasn't cast as Superman when the fake Keram posted that fanfic about Jake flying from London to Ireland fro the alleged trysts which would have been in 2008.

If this, "She was dropped from the upcoming "Avengers" movie, by the way, after foolishly putting the moves on happily married director Joss Whedon." is true, I'm bummed. This is not Keram, the original Keram that actually posted legit gossip has long gone and has been replaced with posters pretending.

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