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The Bible clearly teaches in all versions, both Greek Septuagint and Hebrew Masoretic, that Shem was second born of when Noah was 502 years old.

Seder Olam Rabbah, like the book of Jubilees, is a theologically driven, fictional and unrealistic chronology from the garden of Eden to the death of the false Jewish Messiah Simon bar Kokhba in 135 AD. The first Sabbatical year was 1399 BC, the year the tabernacle tent was moved from Gilgal to Shiloh where it stood for 305 years until the philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant and destroyed Shiloh. A huge problem for the book of Jubilees, is that the timing of Jubilees directly contradicts the timing in the Bible because it is impossible to have the Exodus of Moses in 1446 BC as a Jubilee year AND 49 years after Joshua crossed the Jordan in 1406 BC.This contributes to the overall mystery and ignorance of the Seder Olam for non-Jews.Further, it is almost impossible to find the English text of Seder Olam Rabbah anywhere, which is why we published, for the first time in history, the entire English text of Seder Olam Rabbah on this page below for all to read first hand and witness its shocking distortions of world history. (where 2017 is the current calendar year) and you will see the result is 5778 years after creation.This also demonstrates why no Jew today accepts the long sojourn in Egypt of 430 years because it means their messiah was supposed to come by 1886 AD according to the MT.After 2239 AD, Jews will like all other false date setters, will simply come up with an entirely brand new system!(or about 85 years in the future.) When that fails, they can fall back on the Seder Olam date of 2239 AD and again find false comfort for another 138 years in false expectation their messiah will come before that date.

After 2239 AD, Jews will like all other false date setters, will simply come up with an entirely brand new system! It is obvious that all the Christian cult date setters like Millerites (Seventh-day Adventists) and Russellites (Jehovahs Witnesses) used the MT for their chronology and applied it to the man-made Jewish doctrine that the world would only exist 6000 years, which was the last year that second coming of Jesus could happen on.In the Old Testament and all previous works, like the book of Jubilees (170 BC) a jubilee is defines correctly as 49 years. The very foundation of their Jewish calendar system is a fiction and a delusion to reality.For example, the Jewish calendar says that the year 2017 is the Jewish calendar year 5777 AC (After Creation).Parashat Va’eira — Exodus 6:2 – Haftarah — Ezekiel – Prophets — 2 Samuel 17:1 – Writings — Psalms 96:1 – 1 Testimony — Luke – Our annual Scripture Reading Schedule for 2017-2018 is available to download and print.Most of this week’s blog discussion points will be on these passages.This minor variant in Hebrew wording is exactly what the Jews wanted to achieve in their anti-Christian revisions of their Hebrew Bible in 160 AD.