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Salvador is located on a small, roughly triangular peninsula that separates Todos os Santos Bay from the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Similar situations may be found in many UNESCO World Heritage Sites today but the Pelourinho, in light of Salvador's economic inequalities and ruling governmental coalition's of the 1990s, seems to have gone farther than most in sacrificing its population to the needs of tourist-based preservation.

Salvador has been the birthplace of many noted Brazilians, including musicians such as song-writer Dorival Caymmi, Música Popular Brasileira (MPB or ) and is the Brazilian Minister of Culture in the cabinet of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Also internationally recognized are the city's Blocos Afros, such as Olodum, Ara Ketu, and Ilê Aiyê.

Salvador is a major export port, lying at the heart of the , a rich agricultural and industrial region encompassing the northern portion of coastal Bahia.

The local terrain is diverse ranging from flat to rolling to hills and low mountains.

"Savior," historic name: São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, in English: "Holy Savior of All Saints' Bay") is a city on the northeast coast of Brazil and the capital of the Northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia.

For a long time, it was simply known as Bahia, and appears under that name (or as so as to differentiate it from other Brazilian cities of the same name) on many maps and books from before the mid-20th century.In the late 19th Century, funiculars and an elevator, the The city became the seat of the first Catholic bishopric of Brazil in 1552, and is still a center of Brazilian Catholicism.By 1583, there were 1,600 people residing in the city, and it quickly grew into one of the largest cities in the New World, surpassing any colonial American city at the time of the American Revolution in 1776.The city became a base for the Brazilian independence movement and was attacked by Portuguese troops in 1812, before being liberated on July 2, 1823.It settled into graceful decline over the next 150 years, out of the mainstream of Brazilian industrialization.Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! The first colonial capital of Brazil, the city is one of the oldest in the country and in the New World.

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