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This glossary provides definitions of terms used in Postal Services Information documents.Corresponding French equivalents are indicated in brackets at the end of the definition.

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[Gazette du Canada, Partie II]Regulations proposed by Canada Post and approved by the Governor in Council pursuant to the Canada Post Corporation Act and Regulations.The cancellation mark may be done by machine, hand stamp, or indelible pencil if missed by initial processing.A date, time and location is usually included in the cancelling die.This glossary is under review and its contents may be amended from time to time without notice.A program designed to encourage mailers to accurately address their mail.[retenue pour ramassage]completely enclosed in a secure plastic wrapper, which is transparent or has a transparent window clearly displaying the required addressing and identifying information.

[emball dans un matriel transparent]A service option available for domestic parcel shipments (option is not available at non-automated post office), for an additional fee.NOTE: An office designated an Air Stage Office is deemed to be Air Stage for the whole year.[bureau du Service arien omnibus] Note: A represents an alphabetic character; N represents a numeric character.[oblitration]The sender writes CARD FOR PICKUP in the Attention box of the shipping label or applies a Card for Pickup sticker to the item to ensure that Canada Post does not deliver the item.Canada Post notifies the addressee that the item is to be picked up at the post office.[responsabilit de Postes Canada]A military post office operated by the Canadian Forces Postal Service to provide postal facilities for Canadian military units abroad, for Canadian naval ships on cruise and to personnel authorized to receive or send Canadian Forces Mail.

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