Best uk dating site for under 25

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Best uk dating site for under 25

A tender kiss from a dead French sculptor proves that the Elgin Marbles belong in the British Museum and not in Greece, the institution’s chief has said.

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A quick search turned up a 2007 911 S with 63,000 miles on the clock that was £250 under budget. As long as that holds good, this model of 911 will be a gilt-edged investment. Porsche Macan (2014-present)There are more practical SUVs, but the Macan driving experience is peerless in this class.

We found a relatively late-run 2002 Carrera in top condition for £17,995, and it had just 79,000 miles on the clock. Luckily for those on a strict budget, the 2.9-litre model is just as enjoyable as the more powerful S version. Porsche 928 (1977-1995) A fantastic European GT car, the V8-powered 928 was a big departure for Porsche and its design still turns heads forty years later.

We found a cracking 2010 example of the standard model with 67,000 miles to its name for £19,995 - that's £5 to spend on fuel. It's now look upon as one of the models most likely to go up in value, if you can find a relatively affordable one today. Porsche Boxster (2012-2016) Back when the Boxster had six cylinder instead of four (like today's 718 Boxster), the entry 2.7-litre version was a peach.

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Great fun to drive, and something of a performance bargain, so get in quick.

We found a 2002 Boxster S that had covered 68,000 miles - way under average mileage - for £8,775. The last iteration of the front-engined 924 genre that started in 1976, the 968 put a 273bhp 3.0-litre four-cylinder engine into a beefed-up chassis and added enhanced suspension. If you want one for sub-£20,000 you may have to go for something with high mileage - like the 1993 example we found that had racked-up 124,000 miles.

With a £50k cap you might have to accept one of the less desirable Tiptronic automatic models (we found a 1994 Carrera with 76k on the clock for £49,995) but the drive will still be highly engaging. More wieldy than the Cayenne, and cheaper to run, it’s a fine mix of useability and Porsche classiness.

Don't expect it to go up in value much right now, but it is one of the slowest depreciating cars you can buy. Porsche Cayman (2012-2016)This generation of Cayman has the classic six-cylinder engine and is worth buying just for that.

Military chiefs have drawn up a plan to cut the armed forces by more than 14,000 and combine elite units of paratroopers and Royal Marines to save money, The Times has learnt.

The three sets of proposed cuts presented to Gavin Williamson when he took over as defence secretary from Sir Michael...

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