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Comedians have been running comedy clubs for years – none of them thought of actually buying a pub, until Barry Ferns and three business partners came along.The Bill Murray only opened a year ago, and they’re already breaking even, discovers William Cook Unexpected phone calls over the weekends, fake threats of scams, fake bank accounts – they’re all things we need to look out for.

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Belcher’s childhood included connections with the Salvation Army, and her nominator says she’s been “banging the drum” for issues that move her ever since! As a former Girl Scout leader and outdoor enthusiast, Belcher formed the in 1979 for teens to learn environmental awareness with a focus on indigenous Native culture.

Later Belcher organized another group, , to reunite Siberian and Alaska Yup’ik relatives across the Bering Sea. Performers included the Tanqik Theatre from Chevak, the Juneau Folksingers and Dancers, the Nunamta Dancers from Bethel, the Savoonga Comedy Players and five black gospel singers from Anchorage.

The 67 performers spent more than a year studying Russian music, culture, history and language in preparation for a month long tour that took them across 11 time zones and 7,800 miles from Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East to Leningrad in the West.

We explore how uncovering the secret life of antidepressants in particular could open up a host of new treatments It was dubbed the 'world's most useless airport' when safety concerns delayed its opening, but now St Helena is open for business.

But what's it like flying onto a now notorious runway? With the Houses of Parliament set for major renovation, Sir Vince Cable is pushing to use the opportunity to hugely increase wheelchair access, part of a wider campaign to make the Lib Dems the party of disability rights.

She is in the process of linking students interested in working for change with schools in Myanmar, India, Gaza, Peru, Ecuador, Ghana and Kenya.

The experimental program is combining three schools at a time to brainstorm environmental and/or peace projects, learn upbeat songs and sing together via the internet.

Belcher has had a variety of interests and experiences. Belcher was also interested in nutrition so in 1979, she applied for and secured a ,000 state grant entitled, “Alaska Holistic Health Association” for educating local and state populations about the benefits of alternative health principles.

That same year she worked on creating a wilderness experience to give Alaska teens an immersion opportunity to learn outdoor survival skills in Southeast Alaska with advice and assistance from Paul Petzold, the founder of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

In 1983, she organized 40 Goodwill Ambassadors who sang their way from Juneau to Anchorage and Fairbanks with a simple mission: to foster state unity and to convince residents that Juneau should remain the state’s capital.

Alaska Committee chairman Jim Clark said their efforts had a definite effect on the positive outcome of that year’s vote for keeping the capital in Juneau.

Her activism continues to this day, most notably with , an educational initiative to focus attention on the effects of pollution, acidification, temperature warming and plastics on the world’s oceans.